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Excellent choice for interiors

The decorative high pressure laminate used for furnishings and interior cladding on ships is an excellent choice for spaces where the surfaces must be durable.

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Towards a plastic-free world

If global plastic consumption continues at the present rate, the volume of plastic in nature and landfills will amount to 12 billion tonnes in 2025. Something must be done. Thanks to Kotkamills’ plastic-free AEGLE® folding boxboards and ISLA® food service boards, products made of them can be recycled with paper or board recycling streams leaving no plastic waste.

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Nomination announcement

Päivi Suutari, M.Sc., has been appointed as the new Development Director of Kotkamills Oy as of 1st August 2019.

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Welcome to Packaging Première held in Milan, the world’s design and luxury capital

Packaging Première is the selective exhibition dedicated to designers and manufacturers of luxury packaging as well as to major international brands entrusting the safekeeping of their products to containers bearing the tangible, unmistakable mark of luxury all over the world.

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Adara Pakkaus Oy awarded in the WorldStar Packaging Awards 2019 Competition

Adara Pakkaus Oy and Kotkamills have created in collaboration a recyclable cups collecting container for the collection of plastic-free and easily recyclable paper cups made of Kotkamills’ ISLA® board.

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Kotkamills partners with Xeikon in digital printing

Next generation of sustainable food packaging safely printed with Xeikon dry toner digital technology

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