Invoicing Instructions

Kotkamills Oy

Invoicing instructions to Kotkamills Oy’s suppliers

Kotkamills Oy's invoicing address is

Kotkamills Oy
P.O. Box 932
FI-00019 SSC

Our service provider for electronic invoices is Liaison Technologies.

Electronic invoices should be transferred to Liaison's messaging hub with following details:

Company name Kotkamills Oy
eInvoicing Address 003708274241
Service provider Liaison Technologies Oy
Service provider address 003708599126

All the invoices shall include the purchase order number. In the absence of the number the name
of the subcriber shall be used as reference.

If electronic invoices cannot be sent, the paper invoices shall be sent to invoicing address mentioned above or by e-mail to address: scanning.europe(at)

Kotkamills Oy Invoicing address 2018 (pdf)

Kotkamills Oy Laskutusosoite 2018 (pdf)

Please send your enquiries concerning purchase invoices to kotkamills.talous(at)

Domicile: Helsinki, Finland    /     VAT no: FI08274241    /    Business ID: 0827424-1