Kotkamills is a leading global producer of core material for high pressure laminates. With nearly 50 years’ experience in the production of Absorbex Kraft Paper, the product range covers virtually all unbleached saturating base kraft grades used throughout the world.

The latest paper grade development is called Absorbex Eco – ecological and quality-competitive material for the production of laminates. The fibre raw materials used for Absorbex Eco are forest industry by-products, sawdust, and recycled fibre.

Typical applications of Absorbex are decorative and industrial high pressure laminates (HPL) including compact and post-forming laminates and continuously pressed laminates (CPL), as well as different types of electrotechnical and technical products like phenolic surface films for wood-based panels. Absorbex has a wide range of paper grades with basis weights ranging from 30 g/m² to 245 g/m².

Absorbex products

  • Absorbex®
  • Absorbex® Performer
  • Absorbex® Eco
  • Absorbex® Performer Eco
  • Absorbex® FRHF


Absorbex® Eco is used e.g. in the playground furniture.

(The language of this video is Finnish.)


One of the main applications of Absorbex is compact laminates. The use of compact laminates as exterior cladding of houses is growing. Image: Formica