Consumer Boards

In our opinion, the world needs a more sustainable and ecological packaging. Our innovative next-generation packaging board solutions are recyclable, repulpable and renewable.


Kotkamills’ bleached CTMP base high-quality Nordic Folding Boxboard and recyclable Barrier Board products are suitable for various types of end use applications:

  • frozen and chilled food
  • dry food
  • other food (e.g. dairy products, fruits, vegetables)
  • beverages
  • cup-stock and plates
  • confectionery
  • pharma
  • cosmetics
  • several types of non-food packaging
  • graphic


We are ready to look for solutions throughout the value chain, together with pioneer partners.

In LuxePack Monaco 2016 Kotkamills presented the exquisite chocolate and perfume packages designed by Outi Oravainen and produced by Starcke Oy.


The raw materials used ensure the required product characteristics. Packages made of Kotkamills’ board will keep your product hygienic and fresh, without losing any flavours or absorbing any undesirable odours. The latest coating technologies enable on-line graphical coating, combined with on-line barrier coating applied on the base board at the board machine.  Wood raw material for Kotkamills’ board products is procured from certified Nordic forests.

Thanks to barrier coating of the board, Kotkamills’ products are fully recyclable. No landfill waste is created from the use of our board grades.

The printability of Kotkamills’ board products is excellent due to the smooth coated surface and optical properties of the board.

Express your product brand in an attractive and sustainable package!

Link to the Consumer Boards video