Free from microplastics

Have you ever considered the size of your waste footprint?
How much waste and litter that contain plastics do you produce daily?

We all know that plastics pose a great challenge for our planet. Microplastics end up in the ecosystem and eventually in to our food.
Something has to be done and the size of our personal waste footprint needs to be reduced.

“Our line of AEGLE® Barrier Light products brings a new and innovative approach to consumer boards and packaging. The product is completely free from microplastics. This is extremely important to us because microplastics have unknown effects to health. But we believe it to better to eat food than plastics!”
states Markku Hämäläinen, the CEO of Kotkamills.

AEGLE® Barrier Light can be used in several food industry packaging solutions. Our products can contain liquids and greasy substances with ease making them ideal for large fast food chains and coffee shops. The fact that our products do not contain microplastics makes sure that the food we eat stays as natural as possible. 

Kotkamills has long roots in Finnish forest industry going all the way back to 1872. Combining the long traditions with our innovative products made from high quality Nordic wood we are able to create something truly great. We want to be in the forefront of progress and development by offering the consumers solutions that are cost effective and responsible at the same time.

“Kotkamills wants to lead the way in changing the packaging industry as well as in making the world a better place for the future generations. The new line of products, led by AEGLE®, is the first step in a larger struggle for the environment. It is up to us and individual consumers to make this change possible,”
says Hämäläinen.

Consumers make good choices when they are available. But they are often absent in our daily lives. These are the small actions that add up to a great impact.
But now there is a smart and responsible way.

You decide.