Easy to recycle

Our world is drowning in plastic. 

Every single choice by consumers makes a huge impact on our future.
Kotkamills has taken up as its mission to give consumers and manufacturers a chance to save the world from plastics. By combining the traditional Finnish wood-industry with innovative research and development we have created a way forward.

AEGLE® Barrier Light consumer boards are created from virgin Nordic wood and have no microplastics. Kotkamills’ products are easy to recycle and they degrade quickly and in normal conditions. 


Other easily recyclable products require certain moisture or heat conditions where as AEGLE® Barrier Light products degrade in natural conditions. Plastic traces from other products take up to 400 or 600 years to degrade. Plastic waste from other daily used packaging materials in coffee cups and other grocery packaging takes up a substantial time to degrade in nature.

“Plastic waste especially the marine litter is an ever-growing problem and we aim to take actions necessary to help the situation”
Pöyhönen says.

Our production capacity sets us apart from the rest because we can respond to high demand volumes immediately. Our production is large and we are also responsible which shows in the easiness of our recyclability. We deliver a recycling system along with our products that enables the efficient usage of fiber. This allows us to give fiber seven new lives after it is used.

Every conscious consumer would rather choose a product better for himself or herself as well as for the nature. For the consumer it is essential that the recycling is made easy and accessible. Kotkamills has considered this as well.

“It is our priority that consumers are given the choice to make the best solutions for themselves and the environment. If we want to make a big difference, we have to start with small gestures”
adds Pöyhönen.

Small gesture brings a great impact. Our daily choices do not only affect us but our children as well.