Flying Eagle blog, Chapter 4

2.2.2015 Stefan Fors


PM 2 has stopped for the last time. Early in the morning of 23.1.2016 we produced the last machine reel of Solaris® printing paper. It was of course a sentimental moment to many people at the mill. However, the new board machine will for sure fill up the empty spaces both in the soul as well as in the machine hall.

After safetifying of the production line, the dismantling has started in many areas. Mainly Betamet is dismantling the machinery, Umacon the constructions and Bilfinger the electricity equipment. Some small parts have been sold, but most of the great machine is now scrap. Quite sad.

Immediately after shutdown we installed the new hall crane.

Here one of the two beams is lifted into the machine hall.

It was easy to note that the people of Konecranes have installed a few cranes also before.

As dismantling is progressing, the preparations for foundation constructions are also proceeding. Some days earlier we used to have a big chest at this location in the cellar.

Very soon the constructors can start to build the new foundations also in this area. We have two main construction companies at site, Destia Oy and Kreate Oy, supported by a handful of smaller companies. We have hired Fimpec Oy to take care of the construction management.

Wire section a few days after shutdown.

At this point we have given safety training to more than 1200 persons. Quite many already involved in our activities.