Flying Eagle blog, Chapter 8

21.06.2016 Stefan Fors

Beginning of the end of the project

Mechanical installations are soon finished and almost daily we have installation inspections. Construction works are also mostly done. This can be noted in our manpower, which has now decreased to 950 from the peak weaks week’s above 1200. Safety trainings have been given to 3400 persons.

Pipe installations are also almost ready, and in many areas we have been able to test the lines. The electricians can be seen everywhere, inside the machine, outside the machine, on the machine and below the machine. Cables and cable trays are growing everywhere. Total cable length might reach 200 kilometres km:s. Electrification and automation testings are in full speed, and in some areas almost ready.

Within a few weeks next start-ups will be the new CTMP line and the expansion of the effluent plant.

TMP refiner installed and soon ready for testings.

24 MW electric motor attached to the refiner

Tertiary flotation growing at the effluent plant.

The new drying section is shining.

New laboratory ready for testing high quality board products.

New core handling area.

New pulp handling area with bale transporters to the pulpers.

On May 23rd we had a very successful start-up of the new wrapping line. During a two-week-long mill shutdown, the old wrapping line was dismantled, necessary construction works  were done, and the missing parts were installed. The new wrapping line was in full capacity for serving PM 1 after the shutdown. Also the new core cutter has been taken into production and is working very well.

The eagle is flapping its wings.