Flying Eagle blog, Chapter 5

2.3.2016 Stefan Fors


The paper machine is gone. Two weeks after shut down the main machinery had disappeared and left was only a long black hole.

We have been very lucky with the weather. After a very cold January, that already started to create problems, there was a great improvement in the weather conditions and it has stayed that way the rest of the winter.

PM 1 is located in the same machine hall and only a few meters from PM 2. We are very happy that we have been able to keep PM 1 running without disturbances, and at its normal high efficiency, during the dismantling. The installation period should, at least in theory, be easier in this respect.

The site activities are getting very lively and, at the moment, the external manning is close to 500. Temporary offices, tool rentals, storage areas, containers etc. have started to fill up the mill area. The construction team is in full speed reinforcing old foundations as well as building new ones. The new building for core handling and pulp storage is also rising according to the plans.

Before and after pictures of wet end.

In some areas there was a need for stronger equipment than hammers and screwdrivers.

PM 1 on right hand side running at top efficiency accompanied by the excavator.

We also had a very interesting exchange of crane rails of the hall crane. Two Mercedes mobile cranes were first lifted into the machine hall. Then they together exchanged 6 rails, each 21 m/7.5 ton. This had to be done because the lifting load will be increased to 50 t. A very demanding and critical moment in the project, but the contractors made a really great job during that week. Many thanks to Umacon, Kemas and Nostokuljetus S. Lehtinen!

In this stage of the project the equipment manufacturing at the suppliers is almost ready and some parts are pre-assembled and tested before transport to the site.

Kotkamills team at Valmet.