Flying Eagle blog, Chapter 6

7.4.2016 Stefan Fors


After a period of fine tuning of the dismantling and a lot of construction activities, the mechanical installations are increasing. Also pipes, automation and electrical installations have started. There are more than 700 people at the site now.  We have had safety trainings to more than 2000 persons.

The very first installation in the machine line was the beams of wire section.

Bellmer Vaahto installing a cantilever beam in wire section.

First head box arriving (top side head box).

We can already see a growing wire section including one of the three head boxes. Also some frames of the press section are in place. The first two cylinders of the drying section have been installed.

There are three short circulations in this kind of machine concept. We are installing the POM technology solutions from Aikawa Fiber Technology. In this quite new technology the old wire pit technology is replaced by impressive pumps for deaeration of wire section waters. There is one own pump for each of the three circulations.

The expansion of the building is also proceeding. Here we will have a new laboratory, HVAC equipment, pulp storage, pulpers and core cutting with core storage.

Automation testing is also in full speed at the suppliers in Brno, Vaasa, Tampere, Sundsvall, Göteborg etc. In these FAT:s (Factory Acceptance Tests) the customer (we) and the suppliers are testing and simulating the logics and functions of the new automation system. Our engineers and operators are very busy with these testings.

This stage of the project is very rewarding, as we every day can see the progress and the result of our design and planning work during the past year. The Flying Eagle will very soon spread its wings for the first testings.