Kotkamills invests in recovered fibre (RCF) processing plant 

Kotkamills uses recovered fibre as one of the raw materials in the production of Absorbex Eco. In order to ensure the present and future raw material balance and quality control, Kotkamills is investing in a pulping plant for processing recycled packing materials.
The new plant will enable the use of recovered fibre at Kotkamills on a larger scale than today, and the overall quality of the recovered fibre used will be under our control. We will be using state-of-the-art and innovative technology, the functionality of which has been ensured through several trial runs. The fine screening equipment that was built earlier will also be utilised in the new process. Furthermore, the processing of RCF will include reject handling in which the impurities are not only separated from the process but also further recycled.
Construction work on the new plant started in September 2010 at Kotka mill and the start-up of the plant is scheduled for the beginning of Q2/2011.
The investment also includes RCF sourcing for PM7 at Tainionkoski mill.

Jukka Lyyra, Project Manager

News 2010