News on Kotkamills Consumer Board Sales Network


Kotkamills’ new sales representative for Consumer Boards in Mexico is Rep. M-real Alliance Mexico who have been in the paper & board business as independents since 2001.

For further information, please contact
Mr. Klaus Suopanki, General Director, Rep. M-real Alliance Mexico, tel. +52-55-9000-1664 / -65 (office), mob. +52-1-55-8580-3344, klaus(at)
Mr. Jose Reyes, Sales Manager, Rep. M-real Alliance Mexico, tel. +52-55-9000-1664 / -65 (office), mob. +52-1-55-5418-1473, jose(at)
Ms. Norma Ruiz, Customer Service, Rep. M-real Alliance Mexico, tel. +52-55-9000-1664 / -65 (office), norma(at)


Kotkamills’ co-operation with Vimpex Handelsgesellschaft mbH has widened to cover also the sales of Consumer Boards. From the beginning of November 2016 the company represents Kotkamills Consumer Board products in Gulf Countries as well as in Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon and Syria.

For further information, please contact
Mr. Louai Kuzbari, Vice President, Vimpex +, tel. +43-1-50151-0, louai.kuzbari(at)
Mr. Rudolf Maghakian, Head of Specialty paper and Board, Vimpex Handelsgesellschaft mbH, tel. +43-1-50151-0, rudolf.maghakian(at)


Kotkamills Consumer Board products will be represented in Northern Africa by G.A. Paper International Inc. The company will take care of board sales to Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia.
For further information, please contact
Mr. Tuomas Lönnroth, G.A. Paper International Inc., tel. +358 40 524 6111, tlonnroth(at)



Paperboard Sp. z o.o. has made a contract with Kotkamills to represent Kotkamills Consumer Boards in the Polish market. The customer contact person already familiar to Kotkamills customers, Mr. Jacek Materkowski, will remain serving Polish market area in the new company.

For further information, please contact
Mr. Jacek Materkowski, Business Development Director – Packaging, Paperboard Sp. z o.o., tel. +48 608 647 648, jacek.materkowski(at)



For further information on all changes in the sales network you may also contact Mrs. Pirjo Eteläinen, Director Consumer Boards, Kotkamills Oy, tel. +358 5 210 2104, pirjo.etelainen(at)


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