Together we make circularity happen

We love our takeaways but hate the waste. What can we do to find a balance? What enables our fast-paced lifestyles and lets us enjoy it with a good conscience? At Kotkamills, we actively work for better options to replace plastics in packaging. While many make claims about being best, we with our stakeholders have actually changed the game for good.




Tervetuloa MM Kotkamillsin Avoimet ovet -tapahtumaan 15.6. klo 14-17

Online news 15th June 2022

Juhlimme sahamme 150-vuotista taivalta ja kutsumme sinut juhlimaan kanssamme MM Kotkamillsin Avoimet ovet -tapahtumaan 15.6. klo 14.00-17.00 osoitteeseen Gutzeitintie 1, Kotka.

Welcome to MM Kotkamills’ Open Door Event on the 15th of June at 14-17 at Gutzeitintie 1, Kotka.

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Paper cups at the 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship are made from MM Group’s easily recyclable ISLA® paperboard

Press Release, May 12th

Paper cups made from MM Group’s Finnish subsidiary MM Kotkamills’ easily recyclable ISLA® food service board as well as recycling stations for the used cups will be found in the arenas and in the Official Fan Zones throughout the 2022 IIHF WM. The aim is to make recycling as easy as possible.

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MM Kotkamills invests EUR 30 million in the sheet cutting of cartonboard

Online news  3rd May 2022

MM Kotkamills is investing about €30 million in two state-of-the-art cross cutters with automated core and waste handling. The investment is aimed at strengthening MM Kotkamills’ position as a supplier of cartonboard sheets in the European cartonboard market.

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MM Kotkamills Customer Magazine Winter 2021

Online news Dec 10th

Read MM Kotkamills Customer Magazine Winter 2021

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Consumer Boards

Easily recyclable, versatile board for the convenience of the food service industry.

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Folding Boxboard offers quality that stands out, is easy to recycle while stiff and protective in transport.

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Our Consumer Boards offering is built on our own innovations and provides sustainable, easily recyclable solutions for a variety of uses with a focus on convenience packaging.

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Absorbex kraft paper

Global leader in saturating base kraft papers, the core raw material for high pressure laminates.

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Sawmill products

Using the highest quality renewable raw material from certified forests for demanding uses including our own businesses.

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Our unique integrated mill

Accelerating circularity together

Kotkamills is made of three separate but united business lines working together as a forerunner of the circular economy. Our integrated mill uses wood within the system efficiently at the various stages of the production chain. Connecting with other companies lets us accelerate circularity and spread the scope of our positive impact.

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Meet us at Plastic Free World Conference & Expo on November 10-11

MM Board & Paper will showcase fibre-based packaging materials that are renewable and  fully recyclable. The fibre packaging portfolio includes recycled cartonboard, virgin fibre cartonboard, food service board & cupstock and packaging kraft paper.

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Celebrating sustainability in sports at Norwich City FC vs. Leeds United match

Since 2020, MM Kotkamills has been Norwich City FC’s first-ever Sustainability Partner to work with the club to reduce the amount of plastic waste that is disposed of as a by-product of food and drinks served and consumed at Carrow Road football stadium and the Lotus Training Centre. The club has been working hard to become a more sustainable organisation on and off the pitch and is looking forward to showcasing the good work at the match against Leeds United, as well as exploring room for improvement.

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