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Plastic-free for daily life

We love our takeaways but hate the waste. What can we do to find a balance? What enables our fast-paced lifestyles and lets us enjoy it with a good conscience? At Kotkamills, we actively work for better options that make takeaways and other convenience packaging plastic-free. While many make claims about being best, we’ve actually changed the game for good.



Consumer Boards

Easily recyclable, versatile board for the convenience of the food service industry.

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Folding Boxboard offers quality that stands out, is easy to recycle while stiff and protective in transport.

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Our Consumer Boards offering is built on our own innovations and provides sustainable, easily recyclable solutions for a variety of uses with a focus on convenience packaging.

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Absorbex kraft paper

Global leader in saturating base kraft papers, the core raw material for high pressure laminates.

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Sawmill products

Using the highest quality renewable raw material from certified forests for demanding uses including our own businesses.

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Our unique intergrated mill

Accelerating circularity together

Kotkamills is made of three separate but united business lines working together as a forerunner of the circular economy. Our integrated mill uses wood within the system efficiently at the various stages of the production chain. Connecting with other companies lets us accelerate circularity and spread the scope of our positive impact.

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Excellent choice for interiors

The decorative high pressure laminate used for furnishings and interior cladding on ships is an excellent choice for spaces where the surfaces must be durable.

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Towards a plastic-free world

If global plastic consumption continues at the present rate, the volume of plastic in nature and landfills will amount to 12 billion tonnes in 2025. Something must be done. Thanks to Kotkamills’ plastic-free AEGLE® folding boxboards and ISLA® food service boards, products made of them can be recycled with paper or board recycling streams leaving no plastic waste.

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Kotkamills’ barrier boards for plastic-free food service packaging solutions at FachPack

Kotkamills Press release Sept. 20, 2019

At FachPack on Sept 24-26, 2019 in Nürnberg we are showcasing our unique water-based dispersion coated barrier boards and introducing new plastic-free food service packaging solutions.

Come to meet us on our booth 431 in Hall 5.

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Kotkamills’ solutions for convenience packaging featured at Luxury Packaging 2019

Kotkamills Oy Online news Sept. 10, 2019

Kotkamills’ plastic-free, sustainable and easily recyclable solutions for convenience packaging are being featured at Luxury Packaging 2019 in London.

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Changes in Consumer Board business management at Kotkamills Oy

Kotkamills Oy Online news Sept. 5th, 2019

Ulrika Kurtén, Senior Vice President, Consumer Board business line, has decided to leave Kotkamills Oy on Sept. 2nd to pursue new challenges.

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Welcome to visit Kotkamills at Bürgerfest

The Citizens’ Festival Bürgerfest is arranged again this year by Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, in the park of Schloss Bellevue in Berlin. On 31 August 2019, everyone is welcome to join the event. The focus will be on the various forms of engagement in society.

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