We accelerate change for good with the power from wood

We actively accelerate the adoption of plastic-free options in convenience packaging with our board offering. Our sawmill provides the quality raw material required for that purpose – as well as delivering it to the demanding needs of Absorbex kraft papers – as by-products while producing high quality sawn whitewood. We are three businesses united by a cause – advancing positive change with the power from wood.

Key figures


willingness to use

Surveyed people reacted with exceptional enthusiasm to the Kotkamills plastic-free packaging material concept. Three out of four immediately embraced it in a survey made in France, the UK, Germany, Sweden and the US in March 2019. Source: Oppobot & Dynata



Absorbex is one of the top 3 providers of saturated base kraft paper in the world. It makes use of materials from our sawmill and recycled materials for a variety of applications used around the world.


wood from Finland

The total volume of wood used at the mills in 2018 was around 1.5 million cubic metres, mostly procured from Finland.

Action for impact

People want change

We live in times that call for action. People are more aware of the consequences of what they consume. They want options that are easy to choose and better for them and the future of our planet.
We advance change for good by making the more sustainable option the easy one. At Kotkamills, we are able to answer people’s demands today, and deliver solutions that are sustainable for tomorrow.The will of people to make more responsible choices is driven by a world that needs faster change. That is supported by states who regulate and issue stricter restrictions e.g. on the use of single-use plastics. Companies must respond to succeed; even to survive.We are there to enable and accelerate change.

Pioneering integration

Renewing since 1872

The Kotkamills sawmill is the oldest one still operating in Finland. Founded in 1872, it brought together the community, playing a role in what the city of Kotka is today. We are always looking ahead at what we could create next.
We have combined making the most of the power from wood with an awareness to changing market demands. Renewing to answer those demands has been key for the growth of our business. Over the years, we have expanded from the sawmill to three business lines operating as an integrate. Each with their own special ways to use our renewable resource.Kotkamills has pioneered integration with the mill, Absorbex and Consumer Boards all together letting no parts of the wood go to waste. And then using the fibre from e.g. recycled board materials. It has given us the foundation to be a forerunner in circular economy.

Smart partnerships

Accelerating together

We provide companies with material that allows them to deliver more sustainable choices to people. Further progress towards true sustainability is realized through circularity.
Take our plastic-free coffee cup. It changed the game as the ideal replacement for the standard plastic-lined disposable cup. In our Game Changer Loop it becomes a part of a larger whole. This supports its easy recycling after use, and returns the material to Kotkamills. Next Absorbex reuses the board to create material that effectively acts as a carbon sink for many years. By developing smart partnerships and connecting with other solutions on a shared cause, we can expand the loop and accelerate circularity.

We listen & create

People first

In all that we do, people come first. The solutions we create answer to people’s needs. We listen to people, are alert to change in the world and collaborate closely with our partners.
We develop new products and solutions by combining expertise – working together across our own organisation and with external partners. Internally our "people first" attitude means giving people space, which lets them express the entrepreneurial spirit that fuels our development and renewal.In the world today and tomorrow, urbanisation leads to more consumption, more demand for convenience and more use of plastic. The change we are accelerating today combines convenience and responsible choices in people’s fast-paced lives. When people are able to choose clearly sustainable options daily without compromising their lifestyles, we have made an impact.



Revenue in 2019

More than 90% of this consisted of deliveries to countries other than Finland. 69% were to Europe.


paid in salaries and remunerations

The company has achieved salary equality with the basic salary for identical jobs the same.


employees 2019

Management team

Markku Hämäläinen


Petri Hirvonen

+358 5 210 1202 petri.hirvonen(at)

Jyri Lippo
Vice President, HR

+358 5 210 1213 jyri.lippo(at)

Filip Sundholm
Vice President, Production

+358 5 210 1208 filip.sundholm(at)

Stefan Kuni
R&D Director

+358 5 210 1206 stefan.kuni(at)

Ari Tanninen
Senior Vice President, Consumer Boards

+358 5 210 1212 ari.tanninen(at)

Kimmo Kohvakka
FBB Business Unit and Sales Director

+358 5 210 1302 kimmo.kohvakka(at)

Saila Kettunen
Vice President, Sustainability & Communications

+358 5 210 1869 saila.kettunen(at)

Päivi Suutari
Vice President, RDI

+358 5 210 1210 paivi.suutari(at)

Ville Seppälä
Senior Vice President, Industrial Products

+358 5 210 1304 ville.seppala(at)

Yrjö Aho
Director, Business Development

+358 5 210 1209 yrjo.aho(at)

Olli-Pekka Hakkarainen
Director, Wood Products

+358 5 210 1207 olli-pekka.hakkarainen(at)

Jan Lousa
Technical Director

+358 5 210 1618

Jouni Pekonen
Procurement Director

+358 5 210 1203 jouni.pekonen(at)

Anne Uusitalo
Executive Assistant

+358 5 210 1211 anne.uusitalo(at)

Corporate structure

Kotkamills Group Oyj (established as Eagle Industries Oy, name changed) is the parent company of Kotkamills Oy, a Finnish forest industry company with a long tradition in the business since 1872. The company is majority-owned by a Finnish private equity company MB Funds. Other owners are Nordic Mezzanine, Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company, Finnish Industry Investment and company management.

Kotkamills Group Oy was established in early 2015. The company signed on March 5th 2015 an agreement to acquire 100 % of the shares in Kotkamills Oy from OpenGate Capital. On February 22, 2016 the company was registered as Kotkamills Group Oyj.

Additional info

Kotkamills Oy in a nutshell

  • Paper & Forest products since 1872,
  • Kotkamills Oy established in 2010
  • Three business lines united by the power from wood.
  • Located in Kotka, Finland
  • 500 employees
  • Kotkamills Group Oyj’s revenue 343 MEUR in 2019
  •  Share of exports around 90 %