Our unique integrated mill

Pioneering integration for resource efficiency

Our integrated mill uses wood from sustainable sources efficiently throughout the different production phases. The sawdust created when sawing timber is utilised in the manufacturing of Absorbex® saturating base kraft paper. Woodchips, another by-product of sawmilling, are used as a raw material for AEGLE® folding boxboard grades.

Fibre-based packages can be recycled to our recycled fibre plant from which the fibres get a new life as Absorbex® Eco saturating base kraft paper.

Raw material from the sawmill



CTMP plant grinds chips for use as raw material for the middle layer of paperboard.



Of the raw material 50% becomes sawn wood. The by-product from sawing, sawdust, is cooked into cellulose pulp.



Utilised for energy to power MM Kotkamills operations.

Board machine

The cutting edge technology enables the production of easily recyclable and biodegradable barrier boards at competitive costs, unlike many other environmentally friendly alternatives items.


Building this unique paperboard machine in Kotka enabled our Consumer Boards to set out on changing the game. It is our blueprint that we can replicate anywhere in the world.

Paper machine

Our Saturating Kraft Paper Absorbex® assists us in the sustainability challenge by offering laminating kraft paper grades that act as effective carbon storage for great many years in long lasting end products.


Over 50 years of continuous development and spotting new opportunities has led to our saturating kraft paper range becoming known around the world. For the power of wood built into daily life.

The pulp mill

Our pulp mill cooks the sawdust into cellulose pulp, which is then used without bleaching as raw material for Absorbex®.

The energy plant

Black liqueur created as a by-product of cellulose pulp production is utilised in the energy production of the mill.

The CTMP plant

Our chemi-thermomechanical pulp (CTMP) mill grinds the woodchips into chemi-thermomechanical pulp.