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3.6.2019 / Article

Excellent choice for interiors

The decorative high pressure laminate used for furnishings and interior cladding on ships is an excellent choice for spaces where the surfaces must be durable.

Laminates | “High pressure laminate is a hard and durable material that works well for furnishings in cabins and restaurants as well as for interior cladding,” says Pekka Styf, Interior Design Manager at Rauma Marine Constructions Oy.

High pressure laminate featuring a coloured and decorative surface serves many purposes.

“The colours, patterns and different surface structures of high pressure laminates offer great opportunities for ship interiors. It is also possible to print images on the boards to spice up the interiors,” says Annukka Keränen, Interior Decorator at Rauma Marine Constructions.

The laminates are made of Kotkamills’ saturating base kraft paper, Absorbex®.

“The core layer of the laminate consists of resin-impregnated sheets of Absorbex® paper. A resin-impregnated surface, or patterned paper, is added on top of the core layer. The materials are pressed together with the help of heat and extremely high pressure,” explains Kimmo Nikunen, Product Manager of Kotkamills Absorbex®.

Absorbex® paper is made of sawdust, a by-product of the sawmill. High pressure laminate is an environmentally friendly product: the material retains the carbon dioxide absorbed by trees for decades.

“Today, the bulk of ship furnishings are made of high pressure laminate. The material also accounts for around one half of the interior cladding of public spaces on passenger ships. Laminate is also used to some extent for ship floors,” says Styf.

High pressure laminates made for ships meet the stringent fire-safety regulations of the marine industry. Longevity is of great importance when selecting materials for shipbuilding. The furnishings face heavy use, and the surfaces must be durable.

“High pressure laminate endures rubbing, blows and liquids well. The surfaces are easy to keep clean. What is more, laminate can easily be worked into different shapes, also at the building site,” says Styf.


Text Marjukka Puolakka

Photo Rauma Marine Constructions


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