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31.12.2020 / Article

Investing in quality

During the annual maintenance shutdown, Kotkamills made investments that will further improve the consistency and quality of Absorbex® Kraft Paper and support the growth of production capacity in the future.

The most significant investments were made in the washing plant of the pulp mill,” says Teemu Ukkola, Production Manager, Absorbex.

We modernised the pulp mill’s DD washers, which will ensure the growth of our Absorbex® production capacity in the future. The pulp mass is now washed better, which means that it enters the paper machine cleaner and more consistent in quality. This improves the machine’s operability and ensures more consistent paper quality.

During shutdowns, extensive maintenance work and inspections are carried out throughout the plant. One of the biggest operations this year was the replacement of the left wall of the recovery boiler.

We invested in the quality control and cleaning of Paper Machine 1 by replacing the fault detector and installing a new online roll washer for PM 1 breaker stack. We can detect and eliminate defects in Absorbex® more accurately than before, which will ensure more consistent quality for our customers.

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