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Kotkan Energia Oy ja MM Kotkamills Oy solmivat sopimuksen hukkalämmön hyödyntämisestä

Kotkan Energia Oy:n mediatiedote 16.5.2024

Kotkan Energia Oy ja kuluttajapakkauskartonkia ja laminaattipaperia valmistava MM Kotkamills Oy aloittavat merkittävän yhteistyön hukkalämmön hyödyntämisestä kaukolämmön tuottamiseksi.

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ALASKA® STRONG – Brunberg´s recyclable packaging choice for a more sustainable future

Online news Mar. 22nd

Announcing a significant stride towards sustainability by our client, Brunberg Oy, a 150-year-old confectionery factory in Porvoo, Finland!

Their latest launch, Brunberg Orange Kiss, not only delights the taste buds but also highlights their commitment to sustainability. By eliminating the plastic window and producing the packaging entirely out of our ALASKA® STRONG cartonboard from MM Kotkamills, Brunberg has taken a bold step towards reducing plastic consumption and embracing a circular economy. The cartonboard package is converted by Pyroll Packaging.

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Discover ALASKA® PURE: Challenge your products for a more sustainable future

MM Board & Paper, online news Jan. 9th

MM Group is proud to announce the latest addition to our ALASKA® product family: ALASKA® PURE. This uncoated, hard sized cartonboard is specifically designed for the food service industry and is produced at MM Kotkamills in Finland. ALASKA® PURE complements our high-quality ALASKA® portfolio and offers a range of unique features that make it an ideal choice for a more sustainable food service packaging.

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MM Kotkamillsin saha suljetaan vuoden 2023 loppuun mennessä

Online news Nov. 2nd

MM Kotkamills on saanut päätökseen syyskuussa aloitetut yhtiön sahaa koskevat muutosneuvottelut. Neuvottelujen jälkeen on päädytty siihen ratkaisuun, että sahan liiketoiminta lopetetaan pysyvästi.

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Your 1st Choice for Pharma Packaging Solutions

Online article 30 Nov. 2023

The quality of pharmaceutical and healthcare products is not only determined by their content, but also by their packaging. The requirements in this sector are among the most demanding. With cartonboard from MM Board & Paper, your product is packaged in an appealing, safe and more sustainable way.

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MM Kotkamills invests EUR 30 million in the sheet cutting of cartonboard

Online news  3rd May 2022

MM Kotkamills is investing about €30 million in two state-of-the-art cross cutters with automated core and waste handling. The investment is aimed at strengthening MM Kotkamills’ position as a supplier of cartonboard sheets in the European cartonboard market.

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