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Your privacy is important to MM Kotkamills. We are committed to safeguard the processing of the personal data of our owners, employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders and process the personal data with good practices in alignment with the applicable legislation.


The collected personal data is mainly the information that you or your employer have submitted to us for ordinary cause of business. Personal data is any data that identifies you either directly or indirectly.

In addition, personal data may be obtained from your information requests, signing in for our events or from your other contacts to our representatives. In some case publicly available information, such as search-engines or media, can be used for personal data collection.

The information collected is given detailed in our Privacy Statements. The most common data include: Name, address, country, job title and business affiliations.


Your personal data is mainly collected to carry out business with you or your company and to comply with the requirements set by law.

Only acknowledged people of MM Kotkamills have the right to access your personal data. MM Kotkamills may share the information with service providers or other suppliers based on appropriate agreements.

Information transfer may occur on authorized lawful request.


You have the right to know the personal data we collect about you, and to have correction to any incorrect data. In certain case you can object our right for personal data processing. You are allowed to ask us to limit the personal data processing or delete the personal information we have collected of you.

If our procedures for processing your personal data are not satisfactory and compliant with legislation, you are entitled to report this to Finnish data protection authority:

For more info, email us at

MM Kotkamills Oy:n tietosuojaseloste suomeksi (Privacy Policy in Finnish)


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