Folding Boxboard

Next generation of sustainable packaging solutions

Our vision of recyclable, renewable, high performance packaging materials is now true with ALASKA® products. ALASKA® is a high-quality Folding Boxboard range including water-based dispersion barrier grades.


Easily recyclable product portfolio, suitable for wide array of packaging needs, from cosmetics, confectionery and pharmaceuticals to dry, chilled and frozen food and general packaging, including the applications where barrier properties are needed.

Ideally suited to various special effects to increase brand value.

Easily recyclable and repulpable with paper and board waste.

Product properties

Excellent printability thanks to the smooth coated surface and optical properties of the board. The ALASKA® range works with conventional inks, as well as with different UV inks.

  • The ALASKA® folding boxboard range comes in two coating options, GC2 and GC1.
  • Thanks to its coated reverse, GC1 is also printable on both sides. Both GC1 and GC2, as well as the barrier grades, share similar coated front side.

Excellent material efficiency gained by high stiffness-to- weight-ratio and superior convertability.

Sustainably made from traceable raw materials.

Full recyclability.

ALASKA® Products


GC2 fully coated board with uncoated reverse

Range: 180–380 g/m2

  • excellent stiffness
  • great yield
  • good printability


Food packaging, frozen and chilled food, confectionery, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics


GC1 fully coated board with coated reverse

Range: 200–355 g/m2

  • excellent stiffness
  • great yield
  • good printability


Confectionery, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, other premium packaging, graphical end uses, like book covers, cards etc.



Fully coated board with water-based dispersion barrier on reverse

Range: 245–360 g/m2

Additional barrier properties

  • excellent grease and water vapour resistance
  • sealable with suitable dispersion and hot melt glues


Chilled and frozen food, bakery products, ice cream