Next generation of sustainable food service solutions

Our vision of recyclable, renewable, high performance barrier solutions is now true. By applying unique water-based dispersion on-line on virgin fibre based cartonboard, products, such as cups and plates can be made from this material. These products can be easily recycled and repulped.

Why ISLA®?

Our unique water-based dispersion coated barrier board is fully recyclable and repulpable.

After use, cups made of ISLA® barrier board can be easily recycled along with normal paper and board waste.

Would a cup end up outside the recycling processes and into the nature, it will biodegrade.

All our products are safe to use. Renewable wood fibre is procured from sustainable sources verifying the origin of the raw materials and ensuring the legality of the fibre sources.

Product properties

  • Fully recyclable
  • Produced from virgin fibres, making the products safe and hygienic
  • Smooth printing surface with haptic touch
  • Designed to run on existing cup making machinery
  • Sustainably made from traceable fibre raw materials procured from certified Nordic forests



ISLA® Products

Cupstock with dispersion barrier


Cupstock with dispersion barrier

Range: 195–325 g/m2

  • good resistance to liquids and grease
  • suitable for existing machinery with high efficiency
  • good printability for brand promotion


Easily recyclable paper cups

Cup base board with no barrier

ISLA® Cup Base

Paper cup base material suitable for PE extrusion

Range: 215–350 g/m2

  • additional PE extrusion required when a barrier is needed
  • designed for high-performance cup converting
  • industrially compostable, biodegradable


Paper cup base material for PE extrusion. When used for paper cups, additional PE extrusion is required on ISLA® Cup Base board.