Accelerating circularity through collaborations

We have the vision and means to enable immediate and lasting change. Using our expertise in wood, a renewable resource, we help companies to deliver more sustainable alternatives. For our solutions to have a broader impact, we develop smart relationships that accelerate the circular economy.
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Our sustainability principles

MM Kotkamills manages and develops its business operations with responsibility for the economy, the environment, society and people. We are committed to advancing genuine change for good – a future that is better for individuals, communities, and the planet.

The Circular Way

We work together in smart partnerships to offer solutions with genuine environmental impact. Single solutions that provide a solid alternative to less environmental options serve a purpose but true change for good will come by developing circularity.


The resources we use are fully traceable with our chain-of-custody certified according to PEFC™ and FSC®. Additionally, stakeholders are provided with information about our corporate responsibility targets and achievement.

Responsibility in all we do

Our key principles include responsibility in all operations and continuous improvement. We set targets for business operations, environmental and product safety, corporate security and employee well-being.

”Our customers are at the centre of what we do. And not only them: also our customers’ customers. Our business is ultimately driven by consumers and their changing needs. We observe and listen to all the participants in the value chain, answering to their demands and expectations efficiently and safely. Circularity as a concept is of high importance in all we do.”

Paivi Suutari
Managing Director


Accelerating circularity together

MM Kotkamills is made of two separate but united businesses working together as a forerunner of the circular economy. Our integrated mill uses wood within the system efficiently at the various stages of the production chain. Connecting with other companies lets us accelerate circularity and spread the scope of our positive impact.

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Sustainability by numbers


Self-sufficiency rate

Investments on improving energy efficiency have led to the integrated mill reaching self-sufficiency. Biggest developments have been made in recovering waste heat and reusing it.


Utilisation rate

We utilise the waste and side flows at our mills in the best ways possible, and continue to improve the rate at which we do it. Our actions include utilising the biggest contributors to waste side flows, using bark for energy and sludge for soil improvement.


tonnes of nitrogen

By recycling nutrients back into the fields, we replaced 192 tonnes of nitrogen and 92 tonnes of phosphorus. Without nutrient recycling from sludge, these nutrients would need to be produced by less ecological means.

Consumer Boards making a difference

We live and breathe circular thinking on our integrated site in Kotka. Getting logs from certified forests, making sawn goods out of them, using the sawdust, making fibre-based packaging materials and using recycled board to make saturating base kraft paper is a glaring example of how we can integrate, think and live with circularity.

Our solution-oriented energetic team at MM Kotkamills enables the enjoyment of sustainably sipping my coffee at a high pressure laminate table-top our of an ISLA® paper cup and knowing we are making a difference for a sustainable future, while supporting a continued convenience lifestyle.

Urbanisation drives the rise in consumption and  the demand for more convenience. We need to shift the direction of change for good. For good meaning good for the people and environment; and lasting, sustainable change.

The Game Changer Loop

Together with local collaborators, we have initiated the Game Changer Loop. It is a blueprint for circular economy models, and can be replicated in other operational environments and be expanded into a larger system.

The loop enables collecting used and recycled paper cups, and using the recycled material as raw material for Absorbex® Eco laminating paper.

High-quality northern wood fibre can be recycled numerous times to a variety of products. Recycled fibre can replace virgin fibre in end-use objects, which do not demand virgin fibre due to food safety reasons, for example.

  • MM Kotkamills produces cupstock
  • The cup maker moulds cups
  • Cafés and restaurants serve coffee in the cups
  • People drink from the cups and drop them in recycling boxes
  • A recycling company delivers the boxes of used cups to MM Kotkamills
  • The used cups are utilised as raw material for Absorbex® Eco laminating paper

Together we make modern convenience sustainable

”It is important to us to have close contacts to our society and to support many well-being activities in our home country, especially in the town of Kotka. We think that good business results can be best achieved when all the stakeholders are satisfied and supportive towards the company. Alone we can do very little, but together we can climb mountains.”

Päivi Suutari
Managing Director

The future is circular, and we accelerate it by developing smart relationships and linking with other sustainable solutions. With circular solutions, we develop  future-fit answers that enable convenience sustainably for our fast-paced lifestyles

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