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19.12.2019 / Article

We are the catalyst for changing the game

All over the world people love their fast-paced lifestyles, but at the same time hate the waste they create. People eat daily at local centres where disposable plates and cups are used, go to quick service restaurant or pick up food from take away. These people are enlightened, they care for the environment, they value recyclability and they want to avoid plastic.

Our job at Kotkamills together with our customers, packaging manufacturers and brand owners, is to help consumers enjoy the ease of convenience in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way.

The history of modern disposable paper cups starts in the early 20th century when the North American lawyer Lawrence Luellen was concerned about germs being spread by people sharing glasses or dippers at public supplies of drinking water. Since then, several inventions have been made to improve the functionality of the disposable cup as well as the development of raw materials that they are produced from.

About 30 years ago it was the era of the wax cups, the last decades have been dominated by polyethylene-lined cup stock. But the game is changing now.

Kotkamills has, since its beginning, developed and produced paperboard grades for food packaging that provide a sustainable alternative to polyethylene-lined paperboard without jeopardising food safety or any other functionality of solution. Industry wide, existing printing methods and converting technologies are used when Kotkamills paperboard is used. The beauty of Kotkamills products is in the efficient on-line manufacturing technology of aqueous barrier coating as well as the easy recyclability of the packaging they are used for, allowing advanced fibre circulation.

When people can choose more sustainable options daily without compromising their values and lifestyles, we have made an impact for a better tomorrow.

We at Kotkamills want to make sustainable packaging the obvious and easy choice for companies and consumers. True sustainability is achieved by collaborating to accelerate circularity – so let’s work together and turn a new page in packaging history.

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text: Kotkamills Customer Magazine 2/2019
photo: Antti Vettenranta

Satu Huhtela
Communications Manager